Three houses destroyed during fire in Santiago

Three houses destroyed during fire in Santiago

At least two houses were totally destroyed and another partially during a fire happened last night in the La Unión sector of the southern zone of Santiago.

Supposedly the fire was caused by an electrical short circuit, however the authorities of the body of firefighters investigated, and they did not report people injured due to the Sinister.

The affected houses were inhabited by Haitians, which lost all their trousseaus when consumed by the flames.

Those affected stated that for several minutes they tried to contact the emergency services, however, when they arrived there was not much they could do.

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“The community got tired of calling the firefighters, they sent a truck and the truck was not working well, it lasted almost an hour there, looking for compression, and the firefighter supposedly says that in the southern zone there is no station firefighters, the station we have in Nibaje, has no staff, this area of Santiago it is very inhabited,” said Marcos Cruz, president of the neighborhood council of La Unión.

A resident in the sector, who did not identify herself, told Diario Libre that in the community there are illegal electrical connections in many of the houses.

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