Electoral Tribunal: “Advance voting over the internet is maintained”

The Plenary Session of the Electoral Court has issued an official statement reporting on the incident detected this morning in relation to the presidential online voting ballot. It has been observed that some candidates appear in a different order than on the physical ballot, although they maintain the correct box number.

After consulting with the National Council of Political Parties (CNPP) and its technical subcommittee, the decision has been made to continue with online voting. It is ensured that all votes cast to date remain valid.

The Plenary Session of the Court has requested from the Technological University of Panama (UTP) a certification of the already validated source code, ensuring that it is installed on the Court’s servers in the early voting system. This ensures that each vote cast is correctly credited to the selected party and candidate.

In addition, the UTP has been required to carry out an audit of the incident that occurred and present a detailed report to both the Electoral Tribunal and the CNPP in the shortest possible time.

The statement reflects the commitment of the Electoral Tribunal to guarantee the transparency and integrity of the electoral process in Panama.

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