Suspenden audiencia de apelación de Camacho el día en que vence el plazo de su detención por el caso golpe I

United States Department of State observes the rights violated by Governor Luis Fernando Camacho

April 23, 2024, 10:13 PM

April 23, 2024, 10:13 PM

No visits

The 37-page document begins by detailing: “The government generally allowed monitoring by independent observers, such as the International Committee of the Red Cross, local NGOs, judges, religious organizations, legislators and the media. The government did not allow journalists, NGOs and religious leaders to visit some high-visibility prisoners, including the governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Camachoand the former interim president, Jeanine Áñez”.

Were there political motives against Camacho?

Later, he mentions that “Human rights groups considered the high-profile arrest and detention of Governor Camacho, from Santa Cruz in December 2022, were politically motivated, and lawyers; commented that there were almost daily reports of arbitrary arrests of people without due process.

Pre-trial detention

Regarding preventive detention, the document details that “many defense lawyers they intentionally did not attend the hearings for delay court proceedings and ultimately avoided a final ruling, either at the request of their clients or due to the high number of cases. In April, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights highlighted the Áñez and Camacho cases, as examples of “structural problems” in the administration of justice, such as the widespread use of preventive detention.

Detained and in adverse conditions

Under the name of political prisonerthe report refers to the fact that “the governor of Santa Cruz Camacho is in preventive detention in a maximum security prison in La Paz. The authorities gave several justifications for Camacho’s arrest, but finally stated that he remained detained for his role in the political crisis of 2019which the government described as a “coup d’état.” Human Rights Watch stated that the justification for Camacho’s preventive detention was “very weak.””.


He even points out that “human rights groups expressed concern that the arrests and detentions of Camacho and Áñez were politically motivated. Human Rights Watch reported that it saw no evidence to support vague accusations of terrorism, sedition, and conspiracy.”

The case of the hidden camera in the cell

Almost at the end, the report highlights that although “the law prohibits certain actions, there were reports of hidden cameras inside the cell prison of Governor Camacho of Santa Cruz during his wife’s visits.

Currently, the elected governor is detained in the Chonchocoro prison, accused of a series of crimes.

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