Raquel Peña holds a meeting with women entrepreneurs from Santiago

Raquel Peña holds a meeting with women entrepreneurs from Santiago

Santiago.- The Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, met this Wednesday with women entrepreneurs from Santiago, in the low roof of Los Jazmines, attended by hundreds of ladies invited to share with the official.

“I take advantage of this moment to reiterate our commitment to all of you, but we have to unite, we have to plan, we really have to put together this great platform so that together all of us can deposit in each one of you, the reins of the government of the Dominican Republic that He needs each of you so much,” Peña told the women as he reminded them not to be alone.

In the activity, organized by the provincial governor, Rosa Santos, the vice president pointed out that she could not ignore the celebration of International Women’s Day in the city of Santiago, at the moment that she explained that institutional commitments had prevented her from doing so, while that highlighted the role of women in this province.

The provincial governor Rosa Santos, in her welcoming words, reiterated that the Santiaguera woman is committed to development and entrepreneurship, while highlighting the efficiency of the vice president in managing and strengthening the development of the province and the entire country as a partner of the President, Luis Abinader.

Present at the event were current councilors, aspiring deputies and councilors, as well as dozens of women entrepreneurs from all over the province, to share a lunch organized by the provincial government and the vice presidency.

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