Ignacio Álvarez: Justice released a dangerous order that threatens press freedom

Ignacio Álvarez: Justice released a dangerous order that threatens press freedom

Photo: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.

This Friday, the prosecutor Sylvia Lovesio achieved the imputation with prison for 180 days, of three men of legal age, between 18 and 19 years old, for the crime of “especially aggravated sexual abuse”, and one of them, in addition, was charged for the dissemination of material with intimate and sexual content without the authorization of the victim.

On the other hand, the Justice ordered the Police to search the studios of Azul FM and the home of the journalist Ignacio Álvarez, as a result of the communicator broadcasting audios of sexual content on his radio program, which indicate that it was not a rape, but a consensual group sexual encounter.

Freedom of the press

On his Twitter account, Álvarez said that “after the unprecedented complaint made by the legislators of the Broad Front, today the Justice released a dangerous order that threatens freedom of the press and the right of everyone to be informed.”

I assure you that, for this reason, he did not hand over his cell phone and will appeal the sentence.

“Today morning a prosecutor and a judge ordered to search Azul FM and my house, and to seize cell phones and all electronic devices for personal use and from the ‘La Pecera’ program, in order to access ‘communications in which they receive or transfer reserved material’”, detailed the journalist.

He added: “That is to say, they ordered the Police to confiscate all the information that my journalistic team has, among which there are complaints against politicians and rulers, identity of sources, victims of crimes, etc. Thus, with this illegal and unconstitutional order, they intend to force us to reveal our sources, a fundamental right enshrined in the Law and even in the American Convention on Human Rights, which has greater value than the Constitution.”

Álvarez said that “an order that, if carried out, would set a serious and unprecedented precedent that would endanger the work of all Uruguayan journalists, and consequently the right of the people to be informed.”

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