Sinae's recommendations for the polar cold wave predicted by Inumet

How long will the low temperatures continue in Montevideo?

In recent days, the agency announced in a statement that it is expected “low thermal sensations and the occurrence of morning frosts”.

In addition, Inumet clarified that although the temperatures “they will be low with very cold mornings and very cool afternoons”do not reach the threshold of a “cold wave”, because they do not meet the condition of “remain for at least three consecutive days below the thresholds” minimum.

Until that Wednesday, the institution expects maximum temperatures between 11°C and 13°C and minimum between 0°C and 3°C. The specialized site AccuWeatherfor your part, wait maximum up to 13°C, with minimums between 2°C and 8°C.

However, after the cold of the next few days, Uruguay will experience a “respite” from the low temperatures over the next three or four days, informed The Observer The meteorologist Nubel Cisneros.

From Thursday 20 to Sunday 23 July, they are expected days “from cool to temperate”, without rain and with “rising temperatures”, Cisneros reported. On those days, the maximum temperatures in the coastal areas will be close to 17°C. In the rest of the country, the meteorologist expects temperatures between twenty°C and 23°C.

Monday the 24th will begin with the weather of the previous days, but a “short rainy event” that “will help” the drought which the country lives, but which will lead to a new drop in temperatureswhich will return to normal season levelsCisneros explained.

Inumet expects a Thursday July 20 with a climate between 5°C and the 18°Cand awaits an increase for the days Friday 21 and Saturday 22 with highs of 23°C and 24°C respectively.

For its part, AccuWeather predicts that the following Thursday will already will reach the range of 20 ° C. He Friday predicts temperatures up to 25°Cand up to 27°C he Saturday. For him Sunday the page already foresees a drop in temperatures to 21°Cand agrees with Cisneros that the rains on monday 24a day in which he expects a maximum of 15°C.

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