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Two people were convicted of the homicide of a man found in a well in Vergara

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A Man and a Woman were doomed for the murder of a man who was found in a well from the town of VergaraTreinta y Tres, reported Telemundo (Channel 12) and confirmed to The Observer Richard Limapolice chief of the department.

The 41-year-old man was sentenced to three years and six months in prison as author of a crime of homicidewhile the 31-year-old woman was sentenced to 15 months in prison by concealmentof which will happen six months in house arrest and the remaining nine on probation.

The victim’s family reported on July 7 that they had not seen the man for five days. As indicated by Lima on July 14, the deceased had a criminal recordwas “problem consumer” and a “habitual offender”. He added that he was linked to two homicides that occurred years ago: an “unclarified” femicide in which “it was clear that he was the perpetrator” but “the knife was never found” that was used as a murder weapon, and a murder of a “veteran” for which it was sentenced for “injuries” before his victim passed away.

Days after the disappearance report, the family received information that the man, along with another person, they had had an argument with another man over “some accounts” receivableLima indicated.

The police went to the home of the individual with whom the man had had a conflict, also with backgroundbut they found nothing. However, a few days later the man’s mother was informed that the body I was in a “half-buried well” located in front of the house of the man who had confronted his son, in an open field that occupies the entire block in the limits of Vergara. Lima explained that when they arrived “the dogs went straight” to the well, where they found the body with stab wounds.

The man was arrested, and hours later his partner was arrested, who was in long hill. The fiscal Alicia Abreu investigated the case.

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