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Gandini: “Penadés is a very solid guy, very serious”

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Gandini assures that the referendum seeks to do "harm to the government"

Jorge Gandini, senator for the National Party's Por la Patria.
Jorge Gandini, senator for the National Party’s Por la Patria.

Jorge Gandini says he has closely observed the defense carried out by Gustavo Penades and has expressed his opinion on the matter. According to Gandini, in recent days he has seen Penadés in his best formdefending himself with determination and presenting solid arguments.

Gandini considers that this case will not have an electoral effect so relevant compared to other corruption issues that have emerged in the country in recent years. Although the allegations are serious and troubling, Gandini maintains that there are other issues that will capture more the attention of the electorate.

Gandini also adds that the absence of Penadés leaves “a void” on the political scene and raises questions about the future of his party.

Penadés’s version of a “plot” behind the accusations

Gustavo Penadés has stated that there is a alleged “plot” behind the accusations against him. Given this statement, Jorge Gandini calls for prudence and awaits the results of the investigations before reaching definitive conclusions.

Gandini points out that, in his opinion, Penadés has presented arguments that seem to have weight and stresses the importance of wait to get a clear picture of what happened.

“Penadés is defending himself and he is doing it as he knows how to do it. He is a very solid guy, very serious, ”she said.

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