Political class sympathizes with Danilo Medina

Political class sympathizes with Danilo Medina

The Dominican political class expressed its solidarity with the former president on Wednesday Danilo Medina after announcing that he suffers prostate cancer.

The first to show their support for the former president were Abel Martínez, presidential candidate from the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD); the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, and former President Leonel Fernández.

Abel’s message was as follows: “I know and believe in his spiritual strength, his life path and willpower. He is a formidable warrior who will succeed under the infinite grace of God, with the support and prayers of those who appreciate him. Faith and strength: that now is that there is life ahead!

“President Medina, upon learning of your state of health, I ask Almighty God to accompany you in this healing process. Science has advanced a lot and accompanied by the faith and prayers of thousands of Dominicans, I am confident that you he will recover his health” Abinader told him.

As his former party partner, former President Fernández, I wish him “a speedy recovery”. “I allow myself to express my sincere wishes for a speedy and satisfactory recovery to the former President of the Republic, Mr. Danilo Medinagiven the health condition that afflicts him,” he posted.

The former vice president Daisy Cedeno He wished him a speedy recovery and suggested that he place his trust in God.

“My President and friend, I ask God for your health and speedy recovery. I am sure that He will pass on His healing hand and will give you many more years of happiness with your family. Put your trust in Him. My hug and love from always,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

The senator of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Yván Lorenzo, told him: “Quick recovery, President, our solidarity with you, hand in hand with science and faith, you will pass this test.”

The former senator from Santiago, Julio César Valentín, sent him his support and reminded him that he has an entire people to fight this battle.

“My most sincere wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. I send you my support and solidarity. @DaniloMedina you have the support and strength of an entire people in this battle against cancer,” he said.

The Legal Secretary of the PLD and member of the Central Committee of the organization, José Dantés Díaz, expressed: “We can do everything in Christ who strengthens us. God through you will overcome it and the prayers of every believing human being and in good faith will accompany you. Receive my supportive hug, President Medina”.

The deputy for the People’s Force, Omar Fernandezasked him to have the strength to face the health situation he is going through.

“My wishes for hope and speedy recovery in the face of this test of life Mr. President. I am confident that from the hand of God and science you will soon receive a positive diagnosis. Strength to you and yours!”, he said.

The PRD leader Janet Camilo told him to focus on his health.

“Dear President @DaniloMedina receive my most sincere wishes for the recovery of your health. God is with you. I know of your strength and I know that you will emerge victorious from this test. At this time dedicate yourself to yourself, let nothing and no one divert you. THE FIRST THING is to take care of life,” he asserted.

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