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Daysi Torres, the former decorative mayoress of Managua, goes as ambassador to Venezuela

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Daysi Torres, the former decorative mayoress of Managua, goes as ambassador to Venezuela

Vice President Rosario Murillo announced new movements within the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry. Among the new charges is the appointment of the former Sandinista mayor of Managua Daysi Torres as ambassador to the Ortega dictatorship in Venezuela. The Ortega official had previously held the position of president of the Departmental Electoral Council (CED), of Managua.

«The compañeros and compañeras are moving, the cadres that are in other countries are going to new tasks. Today we want to inform you that the former mayor of Managua, with such a victorious career as a communicator, as deputy mayor of Alexis Argüello, has already been recognized by the Bolivarian government of Venezuela as ambassador, her placet has been approved and this afternoon she will have an important meeting in the Foreign Ministry,” said Murillo in his customary telephone communication in official media.

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Likewise, Murillo announced that the Ortega journalist Consuelo Sandoval Meza is already located as the new business manager in Panama; Gadiel Arce, as counselor minister before Brazil, a position held by Lorena del Carmen Martínez.

Daysi Torres as president of the Departmental Electoral Council.

Daysi Torres directed the Mayor’s Office of Managua for two periods, from 2009 to 2017. After handing over the reins of the municipality, she stayed away from politics, but in June 2021, she was appointed president of the Departmental Electoral Council (CED) of the capital, for the disputed presidential elections in November of that year.

She is a journalist by profession and during the 1980s she was the personal reporter of Daniel Ortega, of whom she herself declares herself a loyal follower. She was elected Vice Mayor during the 2008 municipal elections, but on July 7, 2009, that is, one year later, just 6 days after the death of the then mayor Alexis Argüello, she was named Mayor of Managua and remained, almost invisible. in that position, until January 4, 2018.

His management was insipid and opaque. During the administration at the head of the capital commune, the general secretary of the municipality, Fidel Moreno, began to have control of finances, administration, projects and personnel. Moreno, and not Torres, was the one who appeared at the inaugurations and controlling the work of attention during floods, rescues, attention for rains and landslides, among other efforts.

Torres was the deputy mayor of Managua when the former world boxing champion Alexis Argüello died on July 1, 2009, the product of a mysterious shot in equally mysterious circumstances, although the authorities assured that it was a suicide. Now a mayor, like all the Sandinista mayors in the country, she was re-elected in Managua thanks to a ruling by the Supreme Court of Justice that declared legal a ruling that enabled Daniel Ortega to stand for immediate and indefinite re-election and with it the dictator made her an accomplice of the constitutional violation.

The former mayor is considered an ideal official for any position that Ortega decides on, but above all by the influential first lady, Rosario Murillo, for her loyalty to them and to the party. They classify her as “faithful” to the presidential couple and “discreet” in her political life because she never tries to stand out and abides by what her political bosses order, it is just the profile that the Ortega-Murillos prefer. on designated officials.

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