Cuba denounces “regrettable and dangerous” incidents against its team in the World Classic

He Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba (MINREX) denounced this Wednesday the “unfortunate and dangerous incidents against the team” that represented the island in the V World Baseball Classic and that took place during the match against the United States, in Miami.

During the game at the LoanDepot Park stadium, the Cuban team had to face “a vile and organized aggressiveness”, which contrasted with “multiple messages of support, recognition and solidarity” also in the United States…”, expressed the Statement of the Chancellery.

“The Ministry denounces the complicity shown by the local authorities, who allowed and created the conditions for these acts to take place, openly and with impunity,” it indicates.

The Minrex statement detailed “direct attacks, threats, the use of offensive and vulgar language, attacks injurious to the morale of the Cuban team and other incidents aimed at undermining the spirit of the athletes and harming the show” last Sunday.

Some spectators aggressively rebuked the Cuban players and others went so far as to throw objects at the relatives of the Cuban baseball players. Two people jumped onto the field with posters demanding the release of political prisoners in Cuba, the agency points out. efe.

“Objects were thrown at the players and their families, among whom were women, children and the elderly, as well as at members of the delegation and representatives of the Cuban press, and also at spectators who supported the Cuban team,” underlines the MINREX.

There were other political allusions in the stands, but of a peaceful nature. Many spectators wore T-shirts with the opposition slogan “Patria y vida” and displayed signs against the Cuban government.

The document, for its part, adds that “posters with political slogans, obscene and vulgar language, disrespectful towards athletes and the general public, which interfered with the enjoyment of the game, were constantly displayed.”

The Cuban government indicated that it “alerted the United States government in sufficient time, through diplomatic channels, about the public and open threats” against the Cuban team.

“These same sectors were the ones that in 2018 sabotaged the agreement between the Cuban Baseball Federation and Major League Baseball, which would have been beneficial to all parties involved and would have contributed to ending the discriminatory treatment to which athletes are subjected. Cubans”.

The dream of Cuba at the LoanDepot Park

Also, according to this Declaration, the Government of Cuba informed the United States about “the corrupt and irresponsible trajectory of the authorities of that city.” The Minrex, however, did not question the result of the match.

“It was a difficult game. The Cuban team went there to defend their colors with dignity, after having reached the semifinal stage for merits earned on the field. They faced a group recognized for its technical superiority and which was clearly the winner. The conduct of the American team and its direction were respectful and in accordance with the sportsmanship that must prevail in these events. His win is deserved.”


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