They murder a young custodian at the Camagüey airport and steal his weapon

Mexico City, Mexico.- A young man who works in the security area of ​​the Camagüey Ignacio Agramonte International Airport was murdered this Saturday afternoon as he has corroborated CubaNet with another worker from the center.

The source on condition of anonymity confirmed that the victim’s name was Cristian Castro and that he was 24 years old. “They took his gun after beating him to death. They found his body around 6:30 in the afternoon during the changing of the guard, ”added the source who also works for ESPAC (Civil Aviation Security and Protection Company).

“He was a very good boy, a tremendous friend and partner who had no problems with anyone. He lived with his grandmother. It is very unfair that they did this to him, ”adds his colleague.

The custodian consulted by CubaNet He denounced that the area where the victim was guarding does not have security barriers.

“It’s dark. There is no light in all that. The fence is useless and the grass is waist high at times. It is very easy for any stranger to get in there, ”she assured. “This happened during the day with the sun out, imagine how risky it is to be there at night.”

The young man was on duty at post 8 (P8), a position that is located at the head of the runway.

“We have denounced the lack of security in most of the posts and the shortage of means of work, because it is not only the 8 that is dangerous. They all look alike and do nothing. Talking is for pleasure.”

Castro’s murder was initially reported on social media by independent journalist Jose Luis Tan Estrada. In Tan’s publication, numerous people close to him and his family expressed their condolences.

An Internet user identified as Lázaro Matamoros wrote: “Brother CRISTIAN EPD. We will never forget you. You were a good boy. Everyone here very sad in what will ALWAYS be your neighborhood on 7th Street. Rest in peace dearest, FRIEND”.

The Caribbean country is suffering from an unprecedented wave of violence, with daily reports of robberies, armed robberies and murders. One of the most recent cases was that of a family killed with machetes at the El Resplandor farm, located on the outskirts of the city of Matanzas.

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