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Cuban actors: Children who followed the path of their parents

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MADRID, Spain.- A large number of Cuban actors have followed the path of their parents in film, radio and television. Today Father’s Day, in CubaNet we remember some of these actors, and their parents, who had a decisive influence on their careers.

Enrique Admiral and Carlos Enrique Admiral

Among the Cuban actors who followed in his father’s footsteps is Carlos Enrique Almirante, who from a very young age went with Enrique Almirante to the recordings.

With more than twenty films in his career (Perfect wrong love, José Martí, the eye of the canary, Madrigal, etc.), Carlos Enrique Almirante has also ventured successfully into theater and television. For the stage, he has joined the groups Teatro de la Luna, El Público and Hubert de Blanck, among others. And among his works stand out Neruda’s Postman and the celestine. While on Cuban television he is remembered for his characters in the Mambí Dragon, Enigma of a summer and The Little Runaways.

Carlos Enrique, who has lived in the United States for years, where he has continued his career, recently premiered the comedy The creditin Theater 8.

His father, Enrique Almirante (1930-2007), fondly remembered among Cubans, worked in all media during his career of more than 50 years.

Founder of the adventure space of Cuban television, he acted in a large number of soap operas, including passion and prejudice (1992), Next year (1994), between screens (nineteen ninety six), wild land (1997), to the beat of the sound (2005), Oh, Havana! (2007) and dust in the wind (2008).

Carlos Enrique Admiral and Enrique Admiral. (Photo: Instagram / Carlos Enrique)

Salvador, Patrick and Gabriel Wood

The artistic career of Salvador Wood, one of the great faces of Cuban television of the last century, was followed not only by his son Patricio Wood, but also by his grandson Gabriel.

Salvador Wood (1928-2019), National Television Award for Lifetime Work, began his career on radio in 1943 and in theater in 1945, at just 17 years old.

The death of a bureaucrat and the brigadista are some of the films in which he intervened. In the brigadista He acted alongside his son Patricio Wood, who was making his film debut.

For Patricio Wood came later, among many others, Border Guards, Caravan, The Elephant and the Bicycle, The Broken Gods and The horn of plenty.

While Gabriel Wood, graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) in 2020, upon finishing his studies at ISA, he was part of the Impulso Teatro group directed by the disappeared Alexis Diaz de Villegas.

Gabriel Wood, immigrated to the United States last year, has acted in feature films mantis nest and The oldest. Shortly before leaving Cuba, he had starred in the Cuban telenovela You, where he shared the cast with his father.

Patricio Wood and Salvador Wood / Gabriel Wood and Patricio Wood. (Photo: CubaNet Collage)

Leonel and Alexis Valdes

Considered one of the greatest Cuban humorists, Leonel and Alexis Valdés always supported each other in their artistic development.

Leonel Valdés (1935-2010), a great monologist and comedian, is especially remembered for his performances in programs such as the radio after-dinner joys and the television Saint Nicholas del Peladero. In addition, he acted in films such as 90 miles and A king in Havanathe latter directed by his son.

Alexis Valdés, called by many Cristinito, due to one of his most popular characters, was one of the protagonists of the humorous Saturdaybroadcast on Cuban television in the 90s.

Also a director, screenwriter, presenter and singer, after leaving Cuba he lived for a time in Spain, where he participated in renowned programs such as Comedy club. He currently lives in Miami, where he has successfully led his program Tonight Your Night and The Alexis Valdes Showamong many others.

Last May, the five-part miniseries premiered on HBO. The White House plumbers (White House Plumbers).

Alexis and Leonel Valdes. (Photo: Facebook Alexis Valdes)

Nestor Jimenez and Nestor Jimenez Jr.

Sapphires, blue madness, The birds shooting the shotgun, My partner Manolo and puff These are some of the films that have had the actor Néstor Jiménez among their protagonists.

Graduated from the National School of Art, he has also been part of the cast of telenovelas Diana, look again. and You, among other. For years she has been a member of the Vital Teatro group, directed by Alejandro Palomino.

With his son, Néstor Jiménez Jr., he has shared the stage on several occasions, for example, in the television series in own words (2012).

Néstor Jiménez Jr. before leaving Cuba more than 11 years ago, he worked in series for young audiences such as Coco Verde, Athena is in San Miguel and Noisy. Based in the United States, he has followed his path there in the cinema and theater.

In an interview with CyberCubaAsked about the most significant thing he inherited from his father, the young man replied: “In addition to the undeniable physical resemblance, I have inherited a lot of positive things from him. I inherited his respect, his dedication and his love for what he does. My dad is a man of many principles, of many values, an old-fashioned, upright man, with gigantic honesty. He is an exceptional guy in whom I have seen absolute loyalty to his friends and his family.

Nestor Jimenez Jr. and his father. (Photo: Social networks of Néstor Jiménez Jr.)

Erdwin Fernández Sánchez and Erdwin Fernández Collado

Erdwin Fernández Sánchez (1928-1997), radio, television, film and circus actor, immortalized the character of the clown Trompoloco. He directed, wrote, and acted in numerous children’s shows. He was part of the program after-dinner joys, where he played several characters. In the cinema she left her mark with the film The adventures Juan Quin Quin (1967).

His son, Erdwin Fernández, is known in Cuba for his roles in soap operas such as The Orphans of the Pious Work, Going out at night and The hidden face of the moon. During his prolific acting career on the Island, he also acted in the films dancing with margot and Scent Oak.

Erdwin Fernández emigrated to the United States in 2022 and for a few years has remained denouncing the situation in Cuba.

Erdwin Fernández Collado with his father and mother, Nilda Collado. (Photo: Facebook / Erdwin Fernandez)

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