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Congressman Ricardo Ríos: Democratic politics is dialogue, construction and consensus

The deputy to the National Assembly (AN) for the Capital District, Ricardo Ríos, during an interview on the A Pulso program broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), assured that democratic politics is dialogue, construction and consensus.

Such an assertion was made by the representative of the Avanzada Progresista (AP) party, when he explained the reasons why he would not go to the primary election process to be held to select the candidate for the presidency of the Republic by the opposition.

“María Corina Machado is one of the reasons why she would never go to the primaries. It is that if she wins, I do not vote for her, because she is extremist, and because she is inconsistent,” he emphasized, while pointing out that Machado believes that the solution in Venezuela is the departure of the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

Regarding the statements about Venezuela by former US President Donald Trump, the deputy stated that “those who support the policies revealed by Donald Trump must have a severe response”, for which he sentenced these characters to be punished with the full weight of the laws. Venezuelans.

In the case of former congressman Juan Guaidó, Ríos urged him to explain because “he was allied with someone whose objective was to promote the collapse of Venezuelans, regardless of their needs.”

In the same way, he urged that anyone to whom they have given the country’s assets to enrich themselves, be punished.

When asked about the Venezuelan scientist Anamaría Font, the deputy said that “she is an extraordinarily modest person, for all the quality of science she does.”

Congressman Ricardo Ríos: Democratic politics is dialogue, construction and consensus

Rector of the UCV is not an academic

During the interview, when inquiring about the ability of the rector of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), Cecilia García Arocha, to direct the institution, the opposition deputy mentioned that “the rector is not an academic at all, she did a doctorate in the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, which is not her area of ​​training because she is a dentist”

He commented that he understood that “she was a good teacher in physiatry, but she has no scientific production.”

Likewise, he recognized the work carried out by the Minister of Popular Power for University Education, Tibisay Lucena, who in her administration made an important effort to guarantee that the democratizing process in the UCV would take place by facilitating the resources for the elections to be held.

Congressman Ricardo Ríos: Democratic politics is dialogue, construction and consensus

messy primary election

When questioning the deputy about the upcoming primary elections, he exclaimed, “I see it getting worse, I’m worried that they will take place, they are so messy.” To which he branded the way in which they are envisioned, in the process the person least qualified for the presidency of the Republic could win the contest.

Regarding the refusal to use technology in the electoral process, Ríos asserted “having machines in a vote would be quick, simple and with quick results and that phantasmagorical story that they are all clandestine militants, that nobody can know their name is childish because we We belong to the State lists”.

He stressed that times have changed and one has learned that more stable and lasting solutions are achieved through electoral and democratic means and, above all, that can be improved than through violence.


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