Keiko Fujimori: The solution to the political crisis is for Pedro Castillo to step down as president

Keiko Fujimori: The solution to the political crisis is for Pedro Castillo to step down as president

The leader of Fuerza Popular, , pointed out that the solution to the political crisis in the country is the removal of President Pedro Castillo from office, through one of the constitutionally viable options, after questioning the ability he has shown in electing questioned ministers and stating that he is learning to exercise its function.

“Having four cabinets in less than seven months is something unprecedented and it is a very unfortunate situation for our country. […] I think that Guido Bellido or Héctor Valer are symptoms and the disease is Pedro Castillo, because he is the one who summons, who invites to join the Cabinet sympathizers of terrorism, guerrillas like (Héctor) Béjar, people who have no political experience nor management”, he said in an interview with RPP.

“I think the solution is for President Pedro Castillo to leave office and there are several alternatives here”, he added.

For Keiko Fujimori, the options are the resignation of the President of the Republic, as well as his possible vacancy, for which he assured that they have the 24 votes of the Fuerza Popular congressmen.

Thirdly, he indicated that there is the path of constitutional complaints before the Congress of the Republic.

“I think that to make a decision of this nature one does not have to go to a vote with a calculator, one has to start from the beginning that we are convinced that Pedro Castillo does not know how to summon people, he does not feel responsible for the position he is or is not exercising”, he stated.

Includes Dina Boluarte in criticism

Keiko Fujimori included in her questions the current Vice President of the Republic, Dina Boluarte, who has held the position of Minister of Development and Social Inclusion since the beginning of the Government and throughout the three cabinets.

“Mrs. Dina Boluarte I feel that she is part of all this and has accompanied him in all these cabinets that unfortunately have generated so much unease, mistrust and rejection on the part of the population”he warned.

However, the former presidential candidate indicated that what is urgent is the departure of Pedro Castillo and that the possibility that Dina Boluarte also departs from the position of vice president has not been evaluated.


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