Tax refund: find out who is entitled to the balance in favor by Sunat

Tax refund: find out who is entitled to the balance in favor by Sunat

This year around 500,000 workers on the payroll will be able to receive a refund of a balance of Income Tax (IR) 2021, reported the . Who will be the beneficiaries? Next, we tell you all the details.

The ex officio return is a procedure carried out by the collecting entity to return the amount that the fourth and/or fifth category taxpayer has in his favor, that is, the one that issues receipts for fees or is on the payroll; that he pays his taxes and that he makes expenses supported with electronic receipts in: restaurants, bars and hotels; hires professional or technical services or complies with making contributions for domestic workers.

In that sense, Sunat indicated that these refunds benefit natural persons who during the past year made some of these deductible expenses from Income Tax (IR) with electronic sales receipts or receipts for electronic fees, as appropriate.

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How will the refund be made?

The return of this balance is made automatically, without the need for any personal management, with the deposit in your bank account, as long as the worker or his employer has registered his Interbank Account Code (CCI) in the Sunat.

To date, it is known that more than 184,000 of these workers have complied with registering their CCI. The estimated amount of return to this group amounts to S/ 68.2 million.

If it turns out that you have a refund, Sunat will notify you of a resolution stating the amount you have in favor of the taxpayer, and will send it to your electronic mailbox of the SOL Code; At the same time, it will make the deposit of the amount in the bank account that has been informed.

What are the requirements for which they can be benefited?

According to Sunat, there are around 316,000 workers on the payroll who, being beneficiaries of the ex officio refund of IR 2021, have not yet registered their CCI with Sunat.

For this purpose, those natural persons who have RUC can register or update their CCI in the following way:

  • Enter Sunat Online Operations with your SOL Code.
  • Access the Other Declarations and Requests option.
  • Click on the option My Returns / Returns.
  • Subsequently, select Interbank Account Code.

For those who do not have a RUC, the registration begins with the option Obtain the SOL Code through the Internet, after which the required data must be completed in the form, including the CCI.

It should be noted that, as of February 14, they will also be able to register their CCI from their smartphones, through the APP People Sunat, available in the virtual stores APP Store and Google Play.

For the CCI registration to be valid, the account must be in national currency, belong to the beneficiary of the refund and must not correspond to a CTS account.

When will the tax refund be made?

Sunat will initiate the return ex officio, with a balance in favor of IR 2021, on the business day following the expiration period of the 2021 Annual Income Tax Return.

In other words, as of Monday, April 11, the refund will be made for workers on the payroll who made deductible expenses for consumption in bars, restaurants, hotels, among other activities.


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