Gabriel Amaro is appointed as the new president of AGAP

Gabriel Amaro is appointed as the new president of AGAP

The Association of Agricultural Producers Guilds of Peru () appointed Gabriel Amaro as the new president for the period 2023-2025. Rosario Bazán Cabellos and Alfonso Rizo-Patrón Ruiz de Somocurcio will accompany him on the Board of Directors as first and second vice president, respectively.

Amaro, who will replace Alejandro Fuentes León in the position, had been AGAP’s executive director since 2016 and was previously general manager of the National Confederation of Private Business Institutions.

The AGAP representative highlighted the importance of the agricultural sector, and pointed out that “we need to resume the path of growth.”

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“I assume the leadership of a union that represents a strategic sector for the country. We need to return to the path of growth, and the impulse towards the competitiveness of the entire agricultural sector, both small-scale and medium-sized and large-scale agriculture to face the risks and challenges that the sector has, and reach the national markets in better conditions. and international, with a positive economic and social impact for the country”, he assured.

Likewise, he highlighted the importance of the sector in the generation of formal employment in rural areas, and the impact it has to reduce poverty and generate social welfare through investments of all sizes in agriculture.

The new president of AGAP is an industrial engineer from the National Engineering University and an MBA from the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences and from the IEDE of the European University of Madrid.


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