Betssy Chávez: Congress will continue to deposit her salary as a parliamentarian, even if she is suspended

Betssy Chávez: Congress will continue to deposit her salary as a parliamentarian, even if she is suspended

The political and legal future of Betsy Chavez will be in the hands of Congress of the republic in the coming weeks when there is a vote in the Full the final report against him, who recommends accusing her for the alleged commission of the crimes of rebellion and conspiracy, as a co-author, due to the attempted coup on December 7, 2022. Added to this is his possible parliamentary impeachment, which would occur through a suspension of his position as a congressman while the investigations continue.

According to parliamentary procedure, that day in the Full there will be two votes in the case of Betsy Chavez. In the first vote, a simple majority of the total number of congressmen is required, the members of the Permanent Commission cannot participate, to give the Public Ministry the green light and to proceed with the investigations against the former head of the PCM for the alleged crimes of rebellion and conspiracy. After that, with the same number of votes, his possible suspension and parliamentary impeachment will be issued.

If the votes are reached, Betsy Chavez would be suspended and would enter, instead, to occupy his seat in Parliament his accesitario and new representative of the Tacna region. In the absence of a ruling that cancels her mandate as a legislator, the Congress of the Republic will be forced to continue depositing her remuneration in an account at the Banco de la Nación, to which she will be able to access if she is acquitted. Otherwise, the money will return to the Legislative Branch.

in dialogue with The Republic, the constitutionalist and expert on parliamentary issues Cesar Delgado Guembes explained the following: “Since it is suspended and there is no sentence that cancels its mandate, the emoluments are deposited in an account. If she is acquitted, the full amount is given to her after knowledge of the sentence. If she is convicted, the amount reverts to the budget of Congress ”.

Of the same opinion is Hugo Rovira, Former Senior Officer of Parliament: “It is deposited in a special account of the National Bank and, if they are acquitted, the amount is given to them. If they are not acquitted, the amount reverts to the public treasury.

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