PGU: quiénes son los adultos mayores que pueden recibir el beneficio en el mes de octubre

National Fund for the Elderly: how much it increased and who can apply before May 24

He National Fund for the Elderly, an initiative of the National Service for the Elderly (Senama), has been a driving force for numerous projects for older adults throughout Chile. Last year, 44 projects were selected to receive funding, with allocations averaging close to one million pesos each. From trips to exploring crafts, these initiatives reflected the commitment and creativity of older adults in the community.

This year, the fund has seen a significant increase, reaching a total of 74 million 766 thousand 437 pesos to distribute among the selected projects. It is expected to assign an average of one million 100 thousand pesos to each organization that submits its application before May 24, through the official Senama website.

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