Petroperú Case: Prosecutor's Office requests 36 months of preventive detention for Hugo Chávez

Petroperú Case: Prosecutor’s Office requests 36 months of preventive detention for Hugo Chávez

The special team led by prosecutor Marita Barreto requested 36 months of preventive detention against the former general manager of Petroperú, for being part of an alleged criminal network that sought to distribute millionaire contracts from that state company.

According to the requirement presented by the prosecutor Raúl Martínez, to which he agreed Peru21the former official is charged with the crime of collusion for having deployed illegal activities, together with former President Pedro Castillo, to arrange with private companies.

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“(the members of the criminal network) acted in a concerted and coordinated manner with the purpose of linking up with businessmen who were interested in obtaining the good favor of Petroperú’s competition award processes to arrange their illegal activities, making these suppliers integrate the organization with the purpose that, as a consequence of the adjudication of targeted contracting processes, illicit profits are obtained for the organization to be distributed among its members and related persons ”, reads the 303-page document.

The specific case is that of the good award awarded to the company Heaven Petroleum Operators (HPO), in October 2021, after its owner Samir Abudayeh held a meeting at the Government Palace with Castillo and Arévalo, according to the record of visits. .

HPO won the contract for US$74 million to supply Petroperú with biodiesel.

The Prosecutor’s Office also requested a similar measure against businessman Daniel Príncipe Collazos, .

According to the testimony of Chávez Arévalo, it was the Prince who introduced him to Fermín Silva, the owner of the La Luz clinic and a friend of the former president, and he in turn took him to the Government Palace.

The businessman known as ‘el huaracino’, according to prosecutor Martínez, “is in charge of managing the interests of the organization before Petroperú and other State institutions and coordinating with other members such as José Nenil Medina”, the mayor of Anguía (Cajamarca ).

This newspaper learned that the Judiciary set the hearing on Thursday, March 23, in which it will evaluate the preventive detention for those investigated.

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