They occupy 848 packages of drugs and arrest four Dominicans in La Altagracia and Barahona

They occupy 848 packages of drugs and arrest four Dominicans in La Altagracia and Barahona

The National Directorate for Drug Controlwith the support of the Navy of the Dominican Republic and the coordination of the Public Ministry, seized 848 drug packages in a maritime operation carried out early this Wednesday, in La Altagracia and Barahona

In both operations, four Dominicans were also arrested, two of them are admitted to the Jaime Mota de Barahona hospital after being injured when the speedboat with 673 packages, presumably cocoa, turned several nautical miles southeast of that province.

“In the midst of a maritime chase, the individuals began to throw an undetermined number of bales into the water and at that moment the boat turned, which caused serious injuries to the men who were traveling on board the approximately 26-foot boat. length”, explained the agency’s spokesman Carlos Devers during a press conference.

They occupy 848 packages of drugs in La Altagracia and Barahona (FREE DIARY / PEDRO BAZIL )

According to data from the authorities, the operation lasted more than 12 hours, during which 27 bales were recovered from the water.

On the coast of Palmilla, in La Altagracia, 175 packages of presumable cocaine were seized and two occupants who tried to introduce the drug into the country were arrested. He allegedly seized 21 jugs of fuel, two outboard motors of 100 horsepower each, a satellite phone, two cell phones and other evidence.

The DNCD and members of the Intelligence of the Navy M2 investigate to determine its origin and if both shipments had some kind of relationship.

On his side, the spokesman for the Navy, ship captain José Agustín Vásquez, stressed that the synergy that exists between the two organizations is “an unprecedented issue.”

“The Navy reiterates its commitment to joint work with the DNCDIn that sense, we have implemented a multilayered security strategy that increases maritime and coastal patrols, interceptor boats, and large-scale coast guards,” Vásquez said.

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