Pocitos: man is barricaded in an apartment with his 65-year-old mother for more than 17 hours

A man 38 years old he is entrenched with his mother 65 years old in an apartment in Pocitos, located on Avenida Brasil, between Benito Blanco and La Rambla. The police were warned of the situation around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, butStill awaiting authorization to carry out a search, as reported by Telemundo and confirmed The Observer with sources from the Ministry of the Interior.

The woman refused to open the door when asked by the officers; she said she was injured as a result of a robbery. A local neighbor reportedHowever, that the old woman asked for help after being assaulted by her son.

Given the request to withdraw, the police officers continued to hear screams and noises, so they maintained their surveillance inside and outside the building.

A negotiator was also present at the scene, who tried to mediate with the man until the wee hours of the morning without success.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, There are several complaints of domestic violence between the two relatives.

The case is in charge of the prosecutor Sandra Boragno.

News in development.

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