Martín Vizcarra: these are the times that the former president was infected and became ill with COVID-19

Martín Vizcarra denies that he will be head of the Ministerial Cabinet after the resignation of Héctor Valer

The ex-president He denied that he will be head of the Ministerial Cabinet of President Pedro Castillo or that he will be part of his the fourth in just over seven months.

Through his Twitter account, the also former Minister of Transport and Communications referred to a publication that alluded to the fact that he would be a member of the Government of Castillo Terrones.

“False publications have been circulating on networks that I deny. I have no link with the government, my position is strong and I always think of Peru first”he wrote on the social network.

As recalled, Hector Valer presented his letter making his position as President of the Council of Ministers available to peter castle and stated that he accepts his defeat, but not before assuring that he was attacked by newspaper covers based on “false facts”.

“I accept the machine-gunned defeat by the newspapers of Peru that belong to a group that is linked to the extreme and right-wing of Peru that built an image of abuser and violent”he said at a press conference this Saturday, February 5.

“I admit my defeat but my defeat through newspaper front pages built on false facts. Hopefully that’s how those who lost and who until now say that the President of the Republic is a communist would recognize their defeats “he added.

Hector Valer pronounced a day after the president peter castle announced in a message to the Nation that he would carry out a recomposition of the Cabinet, but without alluding to the accusations of family violence and other acts against the Prime Minister.


Message to the nation from President Pedro Castillo, announcing the recomposition of the cabinet led by Héctor Valer. We spoke with former Minister of Justice Marisol Pérez Tello and Congressman Carlos Anderson.

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