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Editrudis Beltrán presents official candidacy for the rectory of the UASD

Editrudis Beltrán presents official candidacy for the rectory of the UASD

Santo Domingo – The Triunfo academic movement, together with various support groups, proclaimed the teacher Editrudis Beltrán, as its candidate for the rectory of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) for this year’s elections, during the formal opening of the internal campaign in the Primacy of America.

“I thank the Triunfo academic movement, as well as the great alliance that accompanies me; I am honored that they have deliberately chosen me to represent the Uasdian family on this solemn stage and in the face of this commitment to the country to present our candidacy to direct this house of higher studies starting next July,” said Beltrán during an emotional ceremony. proclamation held in the Aula Magna, which was attended by hundreds of teachers, students and university employees.

The experienced professor promised to promote the changes that the state university requires, to guide its destiny with the country’s sustainable development objectives set forth in the National Development Strategy, which aspires to the construction of a prosperous country, a participatory democracy and transparent social justice, as established by Organic Law No. 1-2012.

“The world has experienced a hectic process of transformation in its production models, economies have diversified, social, political, business and, of course, educational contexts have been impacted by the 4th industrial revolution, also called industry 4.0,” said the Former Administrative Vice President.

He added that “After touring the entire country and consulting our teachers, together with a team of committed technicians, we have compiled the aspirations of the Uasdians and today we submit our proposal for governance by the UASD, focused on essentially in the teacher as the protagonist of the transformation.”

In that sense, he pointed out that his aspiration is to place a series of issues with an impact on the development of the country at the center of the national debate and revive the UASD’s commitment to society, but first the house must be reorganized and the academic vision updated. .

“In our web page you will be able to visualize the draft that will open, I hope so, a respectful, purposeful and critical debate, to build together with each teacher the new UASD”, expressed the outstanding professor, who proposed five proposals within which cited in the following order: 1. Teaching 2. Research 3. Relationship with society 4. People 5. Governance and resources.

He stated that in the document that from now on they will be able to review, they will find more than 200 objectives and a series of essential pillars to promote the vision that we propose.

He warned that “The UASD must transform itself and become a more competitive and modern academy”, for which a series of crucial decisions must be made that have been foreseen, for which there is a team prepared and willing to take action to achieve what is proposed in terms of transformations, innovation and competitiveness of the high house of higher studies”.

In that order, he declared that the fundamental reason that summons them “is the feeling of thousands of teachers and administrative collaborators at the national level, who have assumed the commitment to update the teaching practice and automate the processes that support the academy for the purposes of contribute to the development of the country.

However, Beltrán recognized that the UASD is the institution of higher education that contributes the most professionals to society but that from the rectory it will promote a dynamic process of transformation in line with national and global challenges, which will have a positive impact on academic quality.

“Quality teaching, research and extension are axes that will allow us to make greater contributions to the country in terms of training qualified professionals demanded by the productive sectors, more and better scientific research and linking up with different sectors of national life. in a permanent and effective way”, said who is emerging as the main candidate to preside over the UASD.

Teachers Rosalía Sosa, candidate for Extension Vice-Chancellor, Ramón Desangles, candidate for Administrative Vice-Chancellor, Wilson Mejía, who seeks to become Teaching Vice-Chancellor, and Radhames Silverio, candidate for Research and Postgraduate Vice-Chancellor, were present at the proclamation ceremony. important figures of your project.

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