Supreme Court initiates summary of judge who published messages in favor of the government

The Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) added Judge Florencia Ferreyra, who currently works in Tacuarembó, for her posts on social networks in favor of the government and the Police, Info Capital (Tv Ciudad) reported and confirmed from the Judiciary.

The magistrate had published selfie photos accompanied by captions such as “You don’t like the president’s decisions? Nobody asked you. Fuck you and start for the court“. He also shared an image of the Police shield that added: “Call me stupid, but I’m excited to see the parade of the National Police School. It will be because working with them one sees, that they do what they can and more… and the same things happen to them as to us. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING ‘THERE IS ORDER NOT TO LOOSEN’… they say out there”.

Ferreyra was not the only judge in the Court’s sights in recent days. Lto judge specialized in gender violence of Panda, Ada Siré, uploaded videos that later went viral to the social network TikTok, in which he refers to the “macho stereotypes” that they observe in the “men’s wheels”.

The SCJ made a request for information that the magistrate had to respond to in 72 hours, but it was certified due to a health problem, which is why the term is suspended.

After studying their statements, and in an effort to gain an in-depth understanding of the matter, the hierarchs can decide to investigate the judge to determine her responsibility. Otherwise, the case will be archived.

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