Norma Yarrow: "If they call us vacators, I'm going to call them dictators"

Norma Yarrow: “If they call us vacators, I’m going to call them dictators”

The legislator of Avanza País, assured that there is a “dictatorship” from the Executive after the Aníbal Torres, questioned the meeting that took place between congressmen from opposition groups in a hotel in Miraflores.

“We have been to a public meeting, we have had lunch in a public place and we are not Sarratea or the Palace bathroom where 20 thousand dollars are kept. Here the Congress of the Republic and María del Carmen Alva as president of the Congress is not alone. We have to take care of the Congress of the Republic”he said in statements to the press.

“If they call us vacators, I am going to call them dictators because what is happening here is a dictatorship. They want to silence the media, they want to silence the congressmen who only defend democracy and who have been elected by popular vote to defend freedom in our country, freedom of assembly”he added.

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The Prime Minister, Aníbal Torres, had questioned this meeting the day before, which took place on February 9 in a hotel in Miraflores, by describing the appointment as a “secret meeting of congressmen and opposition politicians.”

“This fact is the continuation of a series of actions by the same groups that refused to accept the electoral results and from the beginning dedicated themselves to destabilizing the Government. […] now they intend to hatch a secret plan to generate a coup d’état through the presidential vacancy, constitutional accusation or resignation “he said at a press conference.

Norma Yarrow reiterated that she will vote against granting confidence to the Cabinet, noting that the premier cannot “threaten” and then ask the plenary for confidence.

“They have felt very worried about opposition congressmen in a seminar in a public place and they have taken that and call us vacators and threaten with a constitutional complaint, that we are coup plotters, that sedition. I think that the nervous ones are those of the Executive Power”he asserted.

The congresswoman from Avanza País avoided commenting on whether the session to ask for the vote of confidence should be as soon as possible, as Aníbal Torres proposed.

“We have 30 days, I imagine that the Board of Spokespersons will define it. What the Constitution says will be fulfilled, we do not have any problem, that Torres come with the ministers [¿Debería ser lo antes posible?] No, let them wait their appointed time.”answered.


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