Valenti accused Bordaberry's studio of representing MGM, and the former senator treated him as a "turnip"

Valenti accused Bordaberry’s studio of representing MGM, and the former senator treated him as a “turnip”

Pedro Bordaberry and Esteban Valenti,
Pedro Bordaberry and Esteban Valenti.

This Monday it was learned that the Metro Goldwyn Mayer prohibited the promoters of the referendum from using the image and soundtrack of the Pink Panther in their campaign for the “Yes” to the repeal of 135 articles of the LUC.

“As we are growing, the Bordaberry studio that represents the transnational Metro Goldwyn Mayer prohibited us from using the Pink Panther,” Valenti said.

He added that they also “prohibit the radio and TV network that the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle, will use on March 2 to defend the entire LUC, they prohibit the Centenario Stadium, they prohibit the Pink Panther and, of course, the Electoral Court gave them the light blue to No, innocently. What are they missing?

liar and turnip

Following Valenti’s expressions through his Twitter account, former Colorado Party senator Pedro Bordaberry also used the same social network to respond.

“Compulsive liar you are desperate; I have nothing to do with any law firm. Look elsewhere, turnip,” said Bordaberry.

The summons to the promoters of Yes, to stop using the image and music of the Pink Panther bears the signature of the notary, Carmela Bacot.

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