Tourism: Cusco hotels suffer 70% cancellations

Tourism: Cusco hotels suffer 70% cancellations

The continues to feel the impact of the violent demonstrations that took place days ago, since now the hotels in that region report 70% cancellations of stays by national and foreign tourists. This was announced by the vice president of the Cusco Hotel Chamber, Fernando Santoyo.

“At least 70% of incoming tourism reservations have been cancelled. And, as for national or internal tourism, it is more or less 50% of arrivals, ”he explained, citing information updated to December 27. He also warned that the situation not only affects hotels, restaurants and travel agencies, but also carriers, artisans and suppliers of all the chain’s businesses.

According to data from the Cusco hotel industry, occupancy on these dates used to vary between 80% and 85%, but currently it is approximately 45%. This, according to Santoyo, makes it possible to foresee cancellations in the chain of tourist services for S/90 million.

On the other hand, Manuel Chávez, director of Tourism of the Cusco Chamber of Commerce, reported that on December 27 only 1,500 passengers entered the Cusco air terminal. The figure is far from the 3,500 that usually used to arrive in Cusco for the end-of-year celebrations.

“Given the lack of hotel reservations for visitors, the end-of-year festivities that were organized in the Sacred Valley and in the city of Cusco itself have collapsed,” explained Manuel Chávez, highlighting the organizers’ fear of the low influx of travelers.

Keep in mind

-The union has asked the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism to create a tourist corridor from the Cusco airport to the city, to Ollantaytambo and to Machu Picchu.

-Only in hotel cancellations, the chamber foresees losses of S/12 million for the New Year.

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