hit therapies

hit therapies

It is not about the therapist hitting his therapist or his patient, although sometimes there is a desire to unleash the warrior’s fury on one from the other pole, but in France boxing has begun to be implemented to treat the staff . In two years, the Hospital Boxing program has been deployed in fifty establishments in France, and 4,000 professionals have benefited from it.

Practicing meditation can help you react more calmly to your emotions and thoughts, even those that cause you stress.

One of the inconveniences that is identified in the staff is with the blow and body movement that has managed to regulate, control and reduce the level of tension that the work in a health center produces and means that already if as patients it produces tension, fear and increases nerves when not being attended or once with the doctor. This does not produce enough confidence and security with their evaluations, which is enough to also leave with the desire to break whatever is in our way to channel our anger well.

Unique way to deal with bad vibes

What is practiced in French hospitals is cardio boxing, a discipline on the border between boxing and fitness, which allows you to let off steam and burn calories without risking injury.

Ten thousand steps and more, kicks, punches, dodges, chasing steps… In duets or trios, they follow the exercises, alternating roles, to the rhythm of catchy music that gives their movements an air of choreography. Half an hour ago the three participants of the day put on their gloves and the fatigue is beginning to show, despite the constant encouragement.

The foregoing only describes part of the daily exercise that hospital staff are subjected to in order to concentrate their bad energy on a physical exercise that would help oxygenate their mind and spirit to continue their workday well.

One possible explanation could be that aerobic exercise produces endorphins, or feel-good chemicals. It also increases your heart rate, which produces norepinephrine, a chemical that may help your brain cope with stress more effectively. This is why having a brief time to walk, pedal or swim a day is always recommended for anyone who works with other human beings, as it happens in the hospital, banks, educational centers, supermarkets and any place where treatment is not It’s just a casual topic but it means everything like breathing to stay alive.

One of the trips that we do not want to leave and for this reason we are going to seek medical assistance where we hope to find effective answers to beat our dilemma until it is knocked out so that it does not come back. Perhaps it will serve as an example to imitate in other hospitals in the world where I imagine a lot of bad vibes and energy are concentrated that can be well channeled into physical exercises like the one worked in France.

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