Bruno Pacheco will sing at the Prosecutor's Office

They ask that Bruno Pacheco and nephews of Pedro Castillo enter the most wanted list

The Congress Oversight Commission asked the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Chávarry, to include the former Secretary General of , Bruno Pacheco; and the president’s nephews who remain fugitives after the preliminary arrest warrant against them.

“Given the seriousness of an alleged escape from the country of Bruno Pacheco, Fray Vásquez and Gian Marco Castillo, this commission has requested the Ministry of the Interior to include the three in the Rewards Program. Likewise, it has been requested that a migratory alert be arranged”the commission reported on social networks.

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This Monday, March 28, Judge Manuel Chuyo, of the Second Anticorruption Preparatory Investigation Court, ordered the preliminary detention for ten days of eleven investigated.

They are Bruno Pacheco Castillo, Víctor Valdivia Malpartida, Edgar Vargas Mas, Alcides Villafuerte Vizcarra, Héctor Pasapera López, George Pasapera Adrianzén, Víctor San Miguel Velásquez, Luis Pasapera Adrianzén, Zamir Villaverde, Fray Vásquez Castillo and Gian Marco Castillo Gómez.

To date, the capture of Zamir Villaverde, Víctor Valdivia Malpartida and George Pasapera has been achieved, to whom Luis Pasapera Adrianzén, Héctor Pasapera López and Víctor San Miguel Velásquez joined after making themselves available to the prosecution.

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In the official letter sent to Minister Alfonso Chávarry, he requests that Bruno Pacheco, Fray Vásquez and Gian Marco Castillo, these last two nephews of President Pedro Castillo, enter the rewards program for those who offer information that allows his capture.

Another document sent to the National Migration Superintendent, Jorge Armando Martín Fernández Campos, has a request that they send the entire immigration record of entry and exit from the country from July 28, 2021 to date, as well as order a red migratory alert against the three fugitives.


Fans of the Peruvian team showed their support for those led by Ricardo Gareca with a ‘flag’ outside the concentration hotel.

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