A player tells of her ordeal after receiving a ball in the face

A player tells of her ordeal after receiving a ball in the face

A player tells of her ordeal after receiving a ball in the face

Ana Campa, player of the León Femenil Club of Mexico, He has denounced through his social networks that his team has not supported him adequately after receiving a ball in the face during training that caused him to lose his vision and his retirement from professional football.

In the statement issued by the 25-year-old defender born in California, she says that “in September of last year I had an accident in training, a ball hit me very hard in the face and it affected my vision a lot.

“Unfortunately, my club has not given me the support I expected, I did not receive immediate attention nor did they care to address my vision loss in subsequent weeks. Therefore, I searched on my own for a specialist and therapies in Mexico and the United States. Since I am Mexican-American and not being served in León. I went back home to Texas for a few weeks to get some care,” she explained.

Likewise, Campa announced that this incident has cut short his dream of continuing to develop in football, explaining that “When I consulted with specialists, they told me that my disability is permanent, that I will not be able to play football again.”

The player stated that “No one from the club staff has accompanied me or helped me to know exactly what I have to do, They haven’t asked me either, even if it’s how I feel or if I need something,” he said.

“More than seven months after my injury, I am tired and desperate, “I have not taken therapies nor have I had the necessary attention to rehabilitate my eyes. I want to return home to my family in Texas, but it seems like this is going to be a long time,” he lamented.

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Club León responds with a statement

León Femenil, for its part, denied that it is not supporting Ana Campa. Through an official six-point statement, the club Liga MX Femenil He argued that he was aware of the soccer player’s situation and “understands perfectly the situation that our player Ana Campa is experiencing”:

1. “Ana’s injury has been attended to from the first moment by specialists from private institutions, giving timely follow-up with the Mexican Social Security Institute”.

2. “All consultations and medical history of this case appear in the logs of our medical service.

3. “In each of the appointments required by the IMSS to assess the clinical status, diagnosis and medical-administrative follow-up, Staff from the León Club have been present accompanying Ana.”

4. “The IMSS is the only institution that can determine the degree of disability of our player: “We are waiting for a resolution.”

5. “Our internal protocols and those of the Mexican Soccer Federation, “They require us to document and report to the corresponding organization each of the processes in this type of injury.”

6. “Club León will continue to comply with its labor, administrative and medical obligations, until receiving the official opinion from the IMSS”.

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