The ADP returns today to paralyze teaching

On Friday, the teaching professionals toured the streets of the DN.

A salary increase of 25 percent, the installation of the tribunal of the teaching career, and improvements in the ARS Semma, are some of the demands that once again lead the Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP) to paralyze teaching in the public schools.

This Wednesday the teachers will concentrate in all the regions of the Ministry of Education (Minerd) asking for the fulfillment of these and other demands, such as the allocation of more incentives, an evaluation of the performance of retirees and pensioners, the completion of batches and the payment of licenses.

According to the general secretary of the guild, Rafael Canelo, since the fight plan began to achieve the aforementioned demands, the Minister of Education, Roberto Fulcar, has not met with the representatives of the entity to find a way out of the situation.

Last Monday, the official accused the union of failing to comply with the agreement signed in June 2021 to strengthen the educational system.

After leading the launch of The Great Book of Water, the incumbent assured that the institution he directs has complied with most of the points contained in the agreement, which according to the educator, are highly beneficial for teachers and the national educational community. .

“We have been complying to the letter with each of the agreed points, the only point that has not been fulfilled is compliance with the school calendar, because class has been missed,” he said.

He stated that every day that students stay at home without receiving instruction represents a national disgrace.
President Luis Abinader reported that he is willing to mediate in the conflict between the ADP and the Ministry of Education, as long as the limitations in each sector are taken into account.

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