The discharge of Kun Agüero against the wealth tax

Former soccer player Sergio “Kun” Agüero was dispatched against the estate tax in its stream of the Twitch platform. The Argentine star regularly broadcasts his participation in video games live and at the same time often exchanges about his life with fans.

Aguero said that he does not mind paying taxes on his income. “If you have income, it is clearly because you are working and you are doing well. Nothing happens if you pay the income, 30%, 35%, in England you pay 50%, for example. But you are generating money, then it is fine You pay,” he said.

But then he added: “What does not convince me is that you pay an annual percentage of the assets you have, it seems crazy to me. (…) If you are already paying for admission, why do they keep taking more money from you?”, asked the ex-footballer.

The “Kun” argued that, unlike income tax, wealth taxes are paid even “when you don’t have a job.” “You generated $100 in your whole life and tomorrow you have no more income; you have to continue paying a percentage on those $100 all your life”exemplified.

Agüero’s opinion went viral and comments about it spread to Argentine politicians and economists, such as the deputy and former minister Ricardo López Murphy or the UBA professor Sergio Chouza. The former player himself argued with some of the responses he received through Twitter.

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