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INACOOP advised more than 1,200 members and workers of cooperatives from all over the country in 2022

Authorities and technicians from the National Institute of Cooperatives (INACOOP) travel throughout the national territory, with the aim of advising groups of consolidated or forming cooperatives. Yesterday, Wednesday the 31st, they visited different towns in San José. On the occasion, they reported that, in 2022, more than 1,200 partners and workers of these ventures were trained in different parts of the country.

The conference was headed by the president of INACOOP, Martín Fernández, other authorities and technicians from the organization. The entities that visited were the work cooperatives La Esperanza de los Sueños, in Ciudad del Plata; Agrisur Agraria, in Libertad, and Río de la Plata Limitada agropecuaria, in Rafael Peraza.

In dialogue with Presidential Communication, Fernández explained that the institution he directs travels the territory and disseminates information regarding the technical and financial support available. He added that, in 2022, more than 1,200 cooperative members and workers were trained in different skills, work plans and technical assistance, through INACOOP. He also mentioned that the organization offers financing tools for small capitals, aimed at cooperatives that are starting their work or those that need to strengthen their venture.

The hierarch highlighted the good disposition perceived in San José and stressed that the cooperatives of that department seek to care for the environment. In this sense, he praised the recycling plant run by the work cooperative La Esperanza de los Sueños and indicated that, in Libertad, a cooperative is dedicated to making ecological bricks and pointed it out as a pioneer in the country.

Likewise, he highlighted the work of solidarity institutions linked to food security, citrus exports, the grain chain and livestock. He also expressed that the environmental issue is promoted by the Government and that it is marked by the creation of a specific State Secretariat and other support measures for this cause.


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