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“Paco” Carreira launches his five main management proposals for the country

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Before the beginning of the electoral campaign period for free nomination, the pre-candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Francisco “Paco” Carreira Pitti, presented, this Thursday, in a press conference his five main management proposals for Panama.

The politician, accompanied by activists and pre-candidates for popular election positions of the Unity Movement, listed and detailed the five axes or drag problems that Panamanians face: lack of employment, insecurity and justice, health, education and the fight against corruption.

For the candidate there is no better social plan than a job, which is why in this axis he proposes the creation of more than 280,000 jobs broken down as follows: 200,000 in the maritime and fishing sector, 30,000 in installation and maintenance of solar energy in schools, gyms, stadiums and hospitals, 50,000 in the harvest of medicinal and edible plants for export, 2,000 in call centers and 10,000 in new mining concessions.

Regarding justice and insecurity, the jurist was emphatic in proposing the suspension of sentence agreements in any blood crime.

On this same matter, he detailed the need to increase mandatory penalties in cases of lewd acts with minors and femicides.

At the same time, Carrera stated that, given the increase in sexually assaulted children, it is important that the judicial authorities make public the list of this type of offenders convicted in the last 20 years, identifying the name, identity card number , corregimiento of residence, crime, time in prison and date of release, with the periodic update of the Public Ministry.

In the same way, it proposes to establish a prison policy, so that the work in activities related to the public benefit, is carried out by detainees and is paid a partial amount, which covers their livelihood in prison and, in addition, delivers 25% of the total accrued to the victim or family of the person affected by the crime.

In the health axis, he advocates the creation of a single system of hospitals and quality care in any part of the country, because, in his opinion, the patient is a priority.

Meanwhile, in the field of education, he expressed that Panama has lagged behind and that it requires a modernization of its study plans, adapted to the world business reality and that educators update themselves in the subjects they teach.

He also expressed the obligation of the English language, which is a universal language, and a second one, so that the Panamanian is more competitive and has a safe option for a job here or abroad.

He gave as an example the implementation of specific subjects by provinces. “In Bocas del Toro, due to its tourist offer, it should prepare young people in this commercial branch, which is one of the trades that generates the most dividends in the country,” he patched up.

In the field of university higher education, he stated that it is unsustainable to continue graduating young people who, later, will not get a job. “We must first know what the State and private companies need to design the university academic offer,” he remarked.

When he addressed the axis of corruption, Carreira was direct and listed: the public contracting law must be reformed, the electoral jurisdiction eliminated, the extradition of nationals approved and all citizens, with cases, must go to ordinary justice without privileges no exceptions.

He indicated that initially he focused on these five axes, because they are the ones that afflict the Panamanian people, but that he will continue presenting others in the next 60 days.

“I am committed to transforming this country with each Panamanian, because we cannot leave it in the hands of people who offer false solutions and others who took the money and now want to return to power to continue enriching themselves,” judged the law professor.

He took advantage of this press conference to thank the 270 pre-candidates of the Unity Movement, the activists and the more than 116,000 people who support him with their signatures and wish to be represented by a true independent candidate.

Finally, he reiterated that he will continue collecting signatures to be among the three candidates for the presidency of the Republic for free nomination, because there are still two months left for this process to end.

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