Two of the Caimanera protesters are released, but remain under investigation

MIAMI, United States. — Two of the citizens arrested for participating in the popular protests in Caimanera on May 6 were released, informed CubaNet the independent journalist Yeris Curbelo Aguilera.

They are Felipe Octavio Correa Martínez and Yandri Pelier Matos. Both were transferred to their home this Wednesday, as the news agency reporter was able to confirm. Palenque Vision.

“Yandri Pelier Matos is the young man whose forehead had been smashed, and who suffers from epileptic seizures, and Felipe Octavio Correa Martínez is the 27-year-old man with mental retardation,” Curbelo Aguilera specified.

The journalist added that the youths were released around seven o’clock last night.

“When they were released, they were told that they still had to give a statement and that they could not be close to me or any other opponent,” explained the reporter, who managed to interview several relatives of those detained after the protests.

The news was also confirmed to the digital portal 14ymedio by Victoria Martínez Valdivia, mother of Felipe Octavio Correa Martínez.

“They brought it after seven at night but it was still light, it hadn’t gotten completely dark. They also brought Yandri Pelier, who is our neighbor and who on the day of his arrest was beaten to death,” said the woman, who told the independent media that her son returned from prison “very pale and thinner.”

“They told him that he was free but that the process against him continues,” added Martínez Valdivia.

Prior to the release of Felipe Octavio Correa Martínez and Yandri Pelier Matos, the Caimanera protesters were being prosecuted for the alleged crime of “public disorder”, with Preparatory Phase File number 227-23.

At the moment, Luis Miguel Alarcón Martínez, brother of Felipe Octavio Correa Martínez, and the brothers Rodi and Daniel Álvarez González continue to be held.

He is also kept in prison Freddy Sarquiz Gonzalezwho was arrested on May 18 and is in the Unit for Crimes against State Security in said province.

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