Opponents appeal to form a “broad unity” to fight against Ortega

Opponents appeal to form a “broad unity” to fight against Ortega

The Great Nicaraguan Opposition Confederation issued a statement to pay a “solemn” tribute to the murdered victims of the civic protests that broke out in April 2018 and, likewise, encourage the national and international community to unify in the fight against the regime. by Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

In the report, the organization affirmed its “unwavering commitment to the liberation and reconstruction of Nicaragua” and reiterated that “with the will to change and action, we have established the foundations of a great, broad and representative unity, a unity that fights and resists.” with hope and determination, urging all the opposition forces against the Sandinista Ortega-Murillo dictatorship, to join this Great Confederation to rescue our Homeland.

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Six years after “the greatest and most dignified demonstration of the heroic resistance of the Nicaraguan people,” the coalition persists in the fight “for the freedom of our ‘brothers’ political prisoners, who suffer torture in prisons” and “for a safe and dignified return for those of us who have been forced to leave our homes due to political persecution.

The organization denounces that Nicaragua is experiencing a situation of “national emergency”, since “the sovereignty of the nation has been compromised, Sandinismo has devastated our natural assets to hand them over to foreign interests of predatory countries such as China, Russia and Iran.”

Furthermore, the organization pointed out that the Ortega State “harasses and murders Afro-descendant peoples and indigenous communities, dispossessing them of their lands, causing environmental devastation and generating an uncertain future, where expectations of individual and collective improvement fade and desires and aspirations are truncated.

In this sense, the Confederation urges the businessmen, soldiers and police who remain in Nicaragua “to desert and stop being accomplices of the dictatorship.” “We must forge ourselves as unwavering defenders of individual freedoms, understanding that these constitute the foundation on which a just and equitable society is built,” they add.

Dictatorship receives sixth anniversary of the April rebellion with 138 political prisoners in prisons.  Photo: 100% News.Dictatorship receives sixth anniversary of the April rebellion with 138 political prisoners in prisons.  Photo: 100% News.
The dictatorship received the sixth anniversary of the April rebellion with 138 political prisoners in prisons. Photo: 100% News.

Dismantle the dictatorship

Faced with a panorama where the dictatorship does not accept elections, dialogues, or possible negotiations, the organization opts “for the dismantling of the dictatorship, including the repressive pillars that support it, such as the armed groups that have participated in the murders, criminalization and persecution of the town; thus beginning the reconstruction of State institutions to recover the freedom and democracy of our beloved nation.

“It is our responsibility as patriots to form this broad unity that generates a medium and long-term national program, which reflects not only our desire for a legitimate and representative government, but also the political, social and economic reforms necessary to rebuild our country,” points out the organization’s report, disseminated on social networks.

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The Confederation points out that unity must be built “in a solid way”, presenting a proposal that responds to the height of the human suffering experienced within Nicaragua.” They indicate that “we must take the time to dialogue and listen to each other, keeping our hearts open and assuming the path of unity with good will, because with a dictatorship Nicaragua has no future.”

Likewise, the coalition points out that “unification is our greatest act of resistance against the dictatorship, which has demonstrated its willingness to remain in power at any cost, which has been widely documented by international organizations such as the Interdisciplinary Group of Experts. Independents for Nicaragua (GIEI) and by the Group of Experts on Human Rights for Nicaragua (GHREN)

«We call on organizations, which are not yet part of the Great Nicaraguan Opposition Confederation, to meet at this crucial moment in our history, a moment that requires unity, courage and determination. The political crisis facing our beloved Nicaragua has reached critical points, and it is urgent that we all, as a nation, unite to overcome these challenges,” the organization stated.

Exile and diaspora present a new opposition unity initiative.Exile and diaspora present a new opposition unity initiative.
Opponents appeal to form a “broad unity” to fight against Ortega

The invitation is also extended to young people, who are “the moral reserve of the struggle for freedom, to join the Confederation to promote its demands” and who will help build “the coordination and unity of the rural and rural movements.” the city, the actions derived from this initiative, the committees and commissions that will promote the objectives and tasks of this proclamation.”

The organization stated that “in this new chapter of Nicaragua’s history, our vision and determination are clear and unalterable. We constitute ourselves as guardians of justice, peace and human dignity, and we will not rest until we see the dreams of freedom and prosperity of our people realized. Forward Nicaragua!

The Great Nicaraguan Opposition Confederation is a group that, to date, includes 23 civic organizations that share the objective of continuing the fight against the Sandinista government. Opponents have described the coalition as a “broad and inclusive alliance” and a “representative force that pursues the end of the dictatorship.”

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