Workers protest this #01Jun at the OPSU because they were paid a “mocho” bonus

This Thursday, June 1, a protest was registered in front of the OPSU in Caracas to protest because the Government only paid a food bonus to those who hold more than one position in the public administration

Workers from the education sector in Caracas went this Thursday morning, June 1, to the headquarters of the University Sector Planning Office (OPSU), located in La Hoyada, in order to protest the non-payment of the increase in the food voucher announced by President Nicolás Maduro on May 1.

With banners and slogans, the workers of the UCV and other unions made a “peaceful takeover” of the OPSU facilities and warned that the instructive Onapre continues to take part of their salary. They stated that they will remain in the building until they respond to their claims.

The president of the Association of Professors of the UCV (Apucv), Jose Gregorio Afonsorejected “a new chapter of the Onapre instructive”, since it warned that the existence of the double shift in the public administration is being denied, that is, that those with more than one shift are only charging 1,000 bolivars because that is what the government says. Government in your system.

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«The cestaticket or food voucher is paid per working day. It is not a social program, it is not a handout. It is part of the remuneration body that university students have and in general all public administration workers. The government intends to save based on putting its hand in the pocket of the workers.

This claim is similar to the one made by the coordinator of the Venezuelan Trade Union Network and Health Monitor, Mauro Zambrano, who told FM Center es Noticia that they gave the payment of a cestaticket, where there are workers who work in at least two sites or have two jobs , they only received the food bonus payment on one side.

“That is a total violation of work, an inhumanity. All Venezuelans look for two jobs and even three to be able to eat half and that is one of the things that we are demanding, “said Zambrano.

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The day before, the popular communicator identified on Twitter as Luigino Bracci Roa He had already denounced that those who were on the payroll in two public institutions at the same time were forced to resign.

“They ask them to resign because there is a law, created at other times, which says that a person cannot be on the payroll in two public institutions at the same time. Isn’t that anachronistic, considering the situation we live in? Can’t the National Assembly change that?” she wrote.

The national secretary of the Workers’ and Union Movement of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), Pedro Eusse, alerted the Tuesday May 16 that the Extraordinary Official Gazette number 6,746, in which it published the increase in the food bonus and that of “economic warfare”, puts aside the indexation that President Nicolás Maduro promised on Labor Day.

“We already knew that it was going to be like that; We denounce it: the expression indexation was nothing more than a manipulation to create a false expectation in the Venezuelan working class, because what the Gazette says is that the Government may or may not adjust the bonds; but that in no way constitutes indexing, even remotely,” said Eusse.

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