Tacna: They assault an accountant who was distracted by dropping coins

Tacna: They assault an accountant who was distracted by dropping coins

Common criminals manage to commit crimes. In recent days there have been reports of theft of cell phones and bags in public service vehicles by young people who pretend to be passengers and take advantage of a moment to distract their victim by dropping some coins.

According to the police, the aggrieved persons are women, who before getting off a van or bus decide to help collect that low-value money, but the thief takes their property and flees after getting out of the vehicle that had been parked.

Passenger was the victim of robbery

The last victim with this modality was the accountant Elizabeth CR (55), who on Friday afternoon was a passenger in a combi on route 30A and a male of approximately 20 years old dropped some coins when he was apparently going to get off on the street Basadre and Forero, front of the Francisco Bolognesi Health Center.

The citizen told the PNP that she bent down to help pick up those coins and the man stole a Xiaomi MI Max 3 cell phone valued at $400, then got out and ran away because the vehicle was parked.

Reports of theft on the rise

The complaint for the theft was filed at the Central Police Station and later the case was transferred to the Gonzáles Vigil Police Station for belonging to that jurisdiction, with the knowledge of the prosecutor Juana Arosquipa Paco.

An officer from the Crimes section of the Gonzáles police station indicated yesterday that there are several complaints of theft of cell phones and other goods in this way and asked citizens to be more cautious and less trusting.

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