We pay you to campaign

We pay you to campaign

If what I am writing in the title were to happen privately, the invitation to leave would be immediate, but in Paraguay the one who does not run, flies and that is how some found absolute profitability by campaigning on their way to 2023 and continuing in public office, paid by us, and let me doubt that they are fulfilling the function for which they were elected.

Let’s start, on the one hand we have Vice President Hugo “Toro” Velázquez, from the nickname I doubt everything, but he himself is bidding to be a candidate for the ANR as president of 2023. And there we have the “Toro” traveling around the country, doing campaign and no time to work as vice.

In another corner is Deputy Pedro Alliana, who is fighting on the other side of the ANR for the vice presidency of the Republic. Alliana, complained in a session of the Chamber, of having to work instead of touring the country in campaign with his duo, Santiago Peña.

Let’s continue with the deputy Kattya González of National Encounter, she is also running for the Presidency of the Republic, campaigning from her bench. Or deputy Erico Galeano who first had intentions of going for the Governor of Central, but now will go for a seat in the Senate. Erico Galeano who should be investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office for the Seprelad report on the omission in his affidavit of a luxurious property and 12 bank accounts.

These and more, bidding to continue bleeding the State in 2023, campaigning during working hours and with the strength of their public office, a joke, which costs us dearly and more if they stay in 2023, because they already show that you pay them for something they don’t do, something that in private is a justified dismissal, but in public office it is applause from the scammed who continue to vote for them.

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