Presidente ASODREPOL: «Nueva resolución de Hacienda es un retroceso»

President ASODREPOL: “New Treasury resolution is a setback”

The president of the Association of Riferos in Pro of Legalization (ASODREPROL), Bishop Carvajaldeplored the new resolution No. 172-2022 of the Treasurywhich forces the sector to use desktop computers which are discontinued.

He pointed out that in 2019 the Treasury made the mistake of issuing the Resolution 183-2019, which forced the sector to use archaic computers that arrive used from abroad and also force the use of investors, a sign of the State’s ignorance of the reality of the sector.

He said that in that same year several meetings were held against that Resolutionachieving the rectification of the error by the Treasury with resolution 192-2020 that clarifies that “We are free to use any terminal that operates within our banks.”

Nevertheless, ASODREPROL indicated that today, April 8, 2022, the Treasury has issued the new resolution 172-2022, to return to the old days of operating with desktop computers, with which it understands the sector is punished.

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You understand that the administrator of the National Lottery, Teofilo Quico Tabarhad to carry out a sample with at least 5,000 lottery seats to understand the Dominican reality.

He adds that, with the delivery of this new resolution, which he considers preposterous and absurd, which forces the riferos to make a millionaire investment in the next 15 days and end up worse off than they started, going back to using
inverters and other used equipment, unable to sell offline.

“We are saddened that the Minister of Finance, José Manuel Vicente, has authorized said resolution in ignorance of the Dominican reality and our entity disqualifies that 2019 resolution, which is a setback that affects us all,” said the president of ASODREPROL.

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