How to receive an $80,000 bonus in Chile with only 5 requirements

With the arrival of winter in Chile, also comes the expectation for the delivery of the Winter Bonus 2024, an important state aid that seeks to alleviate the effects of low temperatures on the country’s most vulnerable population. This bonus, which has an amount of $77,982 as of this year, is delivered automatically to a specific group of Chileans and is expected to be available in early May, just after Labor Day, as announced by the Institute of Social Security (IPS).

To receive the Winter 2024 Bonus, it is necessary to comply with certain requirements established by the Chilean government. First of all, it is essential to be 65 years old or older and be a pensioner from the IPS, Labor Security Institute, Dipreca, Capredena or Employers’ Mutual Funds, as long as the amount of the pension is equal to or less than the minimum old-age pension for seniors. 75 years old.

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