exbanquero reptiliano, El Nacional

The former banker who wants to be a reptilian through surgeries

ex-reptilian banker, El Nacional
He has had horns implanted, tattooed and pierced. Photo: Instagram: @legion4wrmny

Many believe that all dreams have a meaning and others think that they hold the future. The influence of dreams in our lives is so great that there is even a science, onirology, which is responsible for studying them. And what do these and their meaning have to do with the story of Tiamat Legion Medusa? To answer the question, it is necessary to know who this person is and his or her life story.

The start of the snake

Richard Hernandez He was born in Texas, United States, in a dysfunctional family. His parents abandoned him at a young age in the forest. As he stated for the media Daily MailIt was there that he began to like the sound that the snakes made, because he heard many inside the forest.

Some time later he was welcomed by his grandparents, however, the story did not change, as the abuse continued. “My grandfather, sadly, would continue to abuse me, verbally, emotionally and physically, all because my grandfather hated my father, and I received the name of my father and the spitting image of him,” he explained to the aforementioned medium.

The former banker who wants to be a reptilian through surgeries
Photo: @legion4wrmny

He grew up and graduated in 1979. That same year, Hernandez fled the small town where he lived and settled in Houston, where he got a job at JP Morgan Chase Bank, one of the oldest financial companies in the world.

“During those 15 years, I rose to become vice president of banking and client manager in the bank’s corporate banking division, managing a diverse portfolio of corporate clients for the bank, including top ten clients,” he said. TheSun.

At that time, he had the dream that, years later, would define the course of his life. While he slept he imagined that he was surrounded by multiple snakes all over his body that bit him constantly, but that did not cause him any kind of physical pain.

What he did not know was that his life would change completely in 1994, after being diagnosed with HIV and AIDS, a prognosis that by then could be fatal.

The former banker who wants to be a reptilian through surgeries
Photo: @legion4wrmny

The transformation

From that moment, Richard thought that he was going to die, so he decided to make his dream come true: to become a reptile. So he made his first operation in 1997, in which he put on a pair of horns and since then, he has not stopped.

Currently, and at 62 years of age, he has spent more than 280 million pesos on body modifications that include tattoos of scales all over his face and part of his body, removal of ears, division of the tongue into two parts. and the castration of his male member, since he says that he is a non-binary gender person.

The former banker who wants to be a reptilian through surgeries
Photo: @legion4wrmny

In addition, she has had piercings in various areas of her face, nose surgeries, implants of 18 horns, removed her teeth (except for 6 of them that have sharpened them to a point) and breasts have grown, thanks to hormones that you take daily.

“My top preference is simply to be called ‘it,’ just like my species, snakes,” he said in an interview with the British agency. JamPressand continued: “My goal and mission is to destroy the gender binary and inspire others by sharing my story of being genderless.”

Will change your gender

It should be noted that, for now, he is awaiting authorization from the United States authorities to allow him to change his birth certificate, since he wishes to change his gender from a man to a person identified as non-binary.

And it is that, through her social networks, Tiamat Legion Medusa, as her name is now, has gone viral.

By 2022, he has more than 26 thousand followers and more than a thousand photos on his Instagram profile. Additionally, she has worked with film productions and art exhibitions in which he has continued to experiment with makeup and transformations.

The former banker who wants to be a reptilian through surgeries
Photo: @legion4wrmny

“I want people to know that mod people are just as smart, kind, loving, and good as anyone else. Just because my ears were removed doesn’t mean my brain hasn’t unwound and I’m just an idiot,” he said to The Sun.

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