Contract awarded to rehabilitate and maintain runway at Tocumen International Airport

The Public Procurement Court has awarded the contract to the Tocumen Consortium, made up of Inversiones FJ, SA, and Ingeniería PC, SA, for the rehabilitation and maintenance of the runway at the Tocumen International Airport. The decision was based on full compliance with the requirements by the Panamanian consortium.

The Court ratified the resolution of the board of directors that awarded the contract to the Tocúmen Consortium, after complying 100% with the established requirements. The contract, for an amount of thirty-eight million nine hundred thousand balboas (B/. 38,900,000.00), was awarded after an exhaustive evaluation of the bidding process for best value.

The Tocumen Consortium demonstrated compliance with all legal and technical requirements, guaranteeing quality and safety in the project. In addition, they presented the most economical and favorable offer for the state, compared to a foreign consortium that quoted three million dollars more.

This ruling by the Public Procurement Court confirms the transparency and legality of the bidding process, ensuring that the Tocumen International Airport will have the services of a local consortium committed to excellence and compliance with the highest quality standards in the rehabilitation of your track.

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