Pedro Castillo: "I reject the theories about the interference of my trusted team in decision-making"

Pedro Castillo: “I reject the theories about the interference of my trusted team in decision-making”

The president of the Republic, , pointed out – through social networks – that his administration is doing “hard work” in order to find solutions to the country’s problems. The message is given in the midst of the renewal of the and a political crisis.

Dear compatriots: My commitment remains valid and stronger until July 28, 2026. With conviction, we reiterate our hard work to provide solutions to the problems of Peru, always thinking of ordinary citizens, through unity and governance”, wrote the head of state on Twitter.

In addition, in a statement attached to the publication, the president rejects the versions that ensure that a “shadow cabinet” made up of his advisers are the ones who pull the strings of the Executive.

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Given what some former officials have said, I strongly reject certain theories about the interference of my trusted team in decision-making. His claims are, in all their extremes, false”, he assured.

Previously, the then prime minister, Mirtha Vásquez, expressed her concern about Castillo Terrones’ advisers. The same position was evidenced by the former Secretary General of the Presidential Office, Carlos Jaico, and the former Minister of the Interior, Avelino Guillén.

However, Castillo Terrones assures that since the beginning of his administration he has been “respectful of the decisions of the ministers of state”.

This government reiterates its firm commitment to provide solutions to the great problems of Peru, always thinking of the ordinary citizen”adds the pronouncement.

Ministerial Cabinet

In relation to the Ministerial Cabinet, Pedro Castillo assured that the team led by Héctor Valer will be replaced by one “more participatory and broad-based for the greater benefit of all Peruvians.”

My commitment continues to be with the people. For this reason, I call on the broadest unity to continue working in favor of the most vulnerable population and for our beloved country.”, he sentenced.


-The Congressional Oversight Commission summoned Pedro Castillo’s presidential advisers for Wednesday, February 9. -Furthermore, the teachers’ faction of Peru Libre: “The Cabinet has to be made up of professionals, with experience and brokers.” -Also, the Government summoned the former Minister of Defense, Jorge Nieto Montesinos, to “talk” -And, the US denies alarmism about Russian troops on the border with Ukraine.

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