MIDES signed an agreement with a Catholic organization to refer homeless people to temporary shelters

MIDES signed an agreement with a Catholic organization to refer homeless people to temporary shelters

Photo: Presidency of the Republic
Photo: Presidency of the Republic

The Ministry of Social Development (MIDES) signed a loan agreement with the religious civil association Sembradores de la Marca, which aims to make it possible for homeless people to sleep in six modules as a temporary housing solution.

The facilities are located in the area of ​​Punta de Rieles, on the outskirts of Montevideo, and have spaces for common use, bathrooms, dining room and rooms.

Minister Martín Lema participated in the signing of the agreement, this Monday 4 at the Mides headquarters; the undersecretary, Andrea Brugman; the director of Social Protection, Fernanda Auersperg; the director of the Coordination Division of Programs for Homeless People, Gabriel Cunha; the president of the Sowers Association, Gabriel Muscarelli, and the vice president of that organization, Joaquin Lestido.

“It is important that they see in these modules, beyond the physical space, an opportunity to get ahead, more attention and greater dignity,” Lema said at the signing of the agreement.

“We want to deepen this line, take initiatives that come from civil society and support them to provide answers to people in street situations,” said Cunha.

MIDES assures that the signing with Sowers of the Word does not imply any type of outlay for the ministry, however, they explained that the modules are “characterized by sliding aluminum windows, a galvanized metal structure, with anti-rust paint and 50-gauge panels. millimeters thick and prepainted sheet metal. They also ensure thermal and acoustic insulation. They include a full bathroom with a single-command shower cabin and transfer, a ceramic toilet with a backpack and a lid, a ceramic sink, led lighting in the bathroom and environments”.

Sowers and Mother Teresa

The Sowers of the Word organization, through its official websitesays they go out “to meet the most needy because they believe that in them he sees Jesus. As the words of the Gospel say”, and then they share a biblical quote from a gospel.

They also explain that Mother Teresa of Calcutta is “a great reference for the work of Sowers” and that the Bible “gives strength to go out night after night and leave our lives behind to be God’s instruments for those who need us most.”

During their night outings, it is usual for them to pray with the people they are trying to help, and there are even tweets on their official account in which read the bible to minors.

They also pray with adults on the street, as stated in this and in this tweet.

In social networks, it has been criticized that the Executive Branch signs an agreement with a religious organization, and some people even affirm that it rubs against the secularism that the State must maintain. The General Education Law No. 19,437and their respective decrees, such as N° 294/013 and N° 334/009, establishes the principle of secularism, which must ensure “the comprehensive and critical treatment of all issues in the field of public education, through free access to sources of information and knowledge that enables a conscious position of who is educated.”

It also adds that “the plurality of opinions and the rational and democratic confrontation of knowledge and beliefs will be guaranteed.”

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