How to apply for the Tourist Quality Distinction?

How to apply for the Tourist Quality Distinction?

The Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) seeks to potentiate the national tourism industry with a supervision process to certify the quality of service of the tourist companies from the country. Said certification will be valid for two years and will be granted to establishments that choose to be qualified by the Government.

Both hotels and bars and restaurants, tour operators, tourist agencies and air, sea and land transport companies may opt for the quality certificationthe first distinction in the sector that will highlight the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the country’s tourist industry businesses.

Companies that wish to have the seal that distinguishes their operations and services as one of the best nationwide must have an up-to-date operating license; if they do not have it, they can request it at the portal of the mitur. They must then fill out a certification application form.

Once you have completed the form data, the Mitur will assign an evaluator technician who will verify that the establishment meets the quality standards in customer service, food and beverage service, quality of the facilities and professionalism of its collaborators, among other relevant aspects to be a “five star” place.

Roberto Henríquez, Vice Minister of Quality of Tourist Services of the Mitur, explained that they will not certify companies that do not pass the evaluation and that, after being certified, a supervisor will be verifying the veracity of their operations anonymously, to verify that they do not pass the evaluation. that was presented to opt for the seal is the reality.


Having a national quality seal in tourism, in addition to the benefits of quality, such as greater efficiency in processes, improved reputation and positioning, increases the commitment of employees.

The distinctive that is represented with the Q, which is quality at an international level, is the pass for companies to benefit from a promotion and dissemination package from the Mitur at an international level in the different fairs that the Government participates in, on its portal, magazines, social networks and campaigns.

Companies that meet the standards will also receive technical training in the necessary areas, which will help them gain insight into customer expectations and market trends.

Dominican journalist specialized in economics and finance, graduated from the Universidad Dominicana O&M.

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