Cable car and security for San Miguelito, reiterates Mulino

The presidential candidate for the Realizing Goals and Alliance party alliance, José Raúl Mulino, today toured the streets of the Brisas del Golf urbanization in the Rufina Alfaro district in San Miguelito, where he stated that under his government life in these communities will improve and their population will benefit from the plans for jobs and economic growth.

Mulino, who was accompanied by his wife Maricel de Mulino, supporters and candidates from this district, reiterated that among the works of the government plan of the “Alliance to Save Panama” the construction of the San Miguelito cable car is contemplated, a work that It will change the lives of many Panamanians who reside in this area.

He indicated that works like this will have an important economic impact, in addition to the creation of new jobs.

In addition, Mulino said that the population of San Miguelito will benefit from the largest first employment program with private companies and the national road rehabilitation plan.

The candidate maintained that one of his main goals for San Miguelito will also be to restore security in the streets of this district. Neighborhood watch programs and community policing will be reactivated.
“I continue walking and working until the last minute, making contact with people. Let’s go Kuna Yala, La Chorrera, Coclé, we will walk as far as we have time to let everyone know our plan to save Panama,” Mulino said.

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