They caught four ammunition sellers

They caught three requested with 40 cartridges and a grenade

Three subjects who were requested by various courts were arrested and 40 cartridges were seized, among other war materials, according to military sources.

One of the detainees is identified as Carlos Enrique Infante Villarroel who has filed a request since 2014 with the Cicpc-Carabobo for the crime of illicit possession of narcotic psychotropic substances, mixtures, salts or pharmaceutical specialties or chemical substances.

The capture of Infante was carried out by agents of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) stationed at the La Verota Citizen Service Point, Cristóbal Rojas municipality (Charallave), Miranda.

Infante was traveling in a public transport unit and was carrying 30 9mm caliber cartridges in a bag.

Also in Miranda, but this time in the Viposa sector, Rafael Urdaneta municipality (Cúa), the military detained Luis Ernesto Agamez, who turned out to be requested since 2017 by the 18th Court of Control of Caracas for the crime of illicit possession. of firearms and illicit possession of war material.

At the time of his arrest, Agamez had ten 7.62×39mm caliber rifle cartridges destined for rifles.

The third detainee in Miranda was registered as Keibor de Jesús Sanoja Forero, requested by the Criminal Court of Control No. 2 Carabobo Adolescent Section, file C2-2546 dating from 2015. The subject was seized a stun grenade and three 12 gauge unfired cartridges.

And in the alcabala of Camoruquito, San Juan de los Morros (Guárico), the military detained Lisbardo Luis Cuenca Hernández who is requested from the Single Court of Adolescent Criminal Trial of the aforementioned plain entity, according to file JP01-D-2016-000064 for the crime of qualified theft.

In addition, the subject presented a temporary protection permit issued in Colombia. Officials seized a Colombian military uniform and a pair of black rubber boots from Lisbardo.

The Public Ministry was notified of the proceedings.

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