Metallurgical company closes and 150 workers are left unemployed

The metallurgical company that specializes in the production of steel tubes for the automotive industry, Cinter Aperam, decided to end its production operations in Uruguay. In a statement, the company regrets having had to make this decision because it knows the negative social impact it generates, but justifies it: “In recent years, productive activity has been maintained in Uruguay, even though multiple factors aggravated its loss of competitiveness”.

Danilo Dárdano, the general secretary of the National Union of Metal Workers and Allied Branches (UNTMRA) said in an interview on Carve radio that the union did not expect this resolution. Furthermore, he noted that “sand breached all collective agreements”. According to Dárdano, when a restructuring is carried out —and in the case of a closure even more so—, company representatives have to call the union to discuss alternatives. Cinter Aperam did not follow these steps.

In a statement, UNTMRA maintains that this decision leaves “on the street” to 150 workers, between plant workers and administrative staff, and 30 more people will be affected indirectly, between canteen workers, suppliers, transport and security. Faced with this situation, the metallurgical union declared itself in conflict. UNTMRA will “take all measures in its power” to denounce this situation of high economic and social impact for the affected workers.

For their part, the directors of the firm reported that the final severance pay of personnel will be available in the coming days.

“We are not fighting for better layoffs, but for the source of work to be reopened”said Dardano.

“We demand that the government take the necessary measures and actions to defend the industry and national workforce. There are several factories that recently left the country: Lifan, Faurecia and now Cinter Aperam are examples that deindustrialization is deepening in our Republic”, expressed the UNTMRA.

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